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Tiandi Theatre / Heaven and Earth Theatre / Universal Theatre discount ticket

Excellent acrobatic elites presented by China National Acrobatic Troupe. Plate Spinning, Glasses Balancing, Pagoda of Bowls, Modeling Soft body for girls, Cross Rings, Bicycle Skill, Play diabolo, Jumping through the rings, Contortion on rolling cup, Foot Juggling, etc.

 Founded in 1950, China National Acrobatic  Troupe was the first national performing arts  troupe established by the Central Government of  China. It covers a large variety of fields: acrobatics,  aerial acts, farces, vocal imitations, magic, etc.  The troupe is one of the best acrobatic circuses  boasting of the largest scale and the most  comprehensive programs in China.

 In the past 60 years, China Acrobatic Troupe has  made great contribution to the prosperity of  acrobatic industry and abundance of people's  cultural activities. In the past 50 years, it has been  toured more than 80 countries and regions for  thousands of shows. In 1997-98, the troupe toured

Germany for half a year for commercial performance.

At present, China Acrobatic Troupe has various performance groups, such as acrobatic groups, circus group. It has also a movable tent. The troupe is capable of presenting various shows at the same time.   

  In 1990's, eight different shows had been produced and   introduced based on the traditional acrobatic essence   and recommendable ideas from dancing, opera and   Chinese Kongfu. They are Beijing Tianqiao Folk   acrobatics, China Ancient fairy stories, Nationalities'   Spirit, Circus Show, Chinese Charm, Oriental Splendid   Arts, Young Eagle and Chinese Soul. Since 1998,   Chinese Soul has been performed for over 400 times on   domestic and international stages and been praised as   a splendid acrobatic show taking acrobatic art into a   new phase. It was also selected by the Chinese Ministry   of Culture as the only acrobatic show presented for the   50th anniversary of the foundation of the P. R. C..   

  Since its founding, China National Acrobatic Circus has   been awarded 18 golden medals on various international acrobatic competitions. Since 1984, it has won 4 golden lion medals, 4 silver lion and 6 bronze lion medals at national acrobatic competitions. It is one of the best acrobatic troupes in China.

Ticket List Price
1 ticket
RMB 180(Blue Back Zone)
RMB 280(Purple Side Zone)
RMB 280(Purple Center Zone)
RMB 380(Green Center Zone)
RMB 380(Green Side Zone)
RMB 480(Yellow Zone)
RMB 680 (Red Zone)

Discount Tickets
You meet our staff at the Tiandi Theater 40 minutes before the show to receive your tickets and be shown to your seats.
Time: Every evening at 7:15pm (the show lasts 1 hour, 30 minutes)
Address: 10 Dongzhimen Nandajie (100 meters north of the Poly Theatre), subway line 2 get off at Dongsishitiao station. 北京东城区东直门南大街10号 保利剧院北100米。
Please send your email to thebeijingtour@gmail.com. You are also welcome to call us at + 86-10-135 5252 7373 .

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 Forbidden City ; Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven one day tour 250 RMB p/p.

Acrobatics Show Discount Price

 China Puppet Theatre Acrobatics Kingdom 60 RMB p/p.
 Tiandi Theatre 60 RMB p/p.
 Tianqiao Acrobatic Theatre 80 RMB p/p.
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Beijing Opera Show
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Date: 05/20/2009

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