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The Confucius Temple 孔庙 (国子监)

Address: subway line 5 get off at Yonghegong. 北京安定门内有条国子监街,又名成贤街
The Confucius Temple is located on Chengxian Street, in the northeastern part of the city. It was built in 1306, and is the second-biggest temple to the sage in China, next only to the one in Qufu, Confucius’ birthplace in Shandong province. This street is the few left in Beijing that still have decorated arches.

In front of the main hall, the Dacheng Hall are the Late Teacher’s Gate and the Dacheng Gate. Dacheng means “a collection of all the good things,” and is an expression often used in connection with Confucius. The Dacheng Hall has double flying eaves, crimson walls and a yellow roof. It stands on a white marble terrace, much like an imperial palace. Behind the Dacheng Hall is the Congsheng Shrine, in which the tablets of the ancestors if the Kong (Confucius family name) are worshipped. Other buildings are Divine Kitchen, Well Pavilion, Sacrificial Pavilion, Fasting Room and Divine Store.
In the temple grounds are a number of large cypress trees, some of them 500 years old. A folk tale relates how when Yan Song, the wicked prime minister of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty paid an official visit to the temple a branch of a cypress tree brushed his hat from his head. Later, when Yan Song was dismissed from office, the local people named the tree “the tree which expels evil.”
There are more than 400 stone tablets preserved in the temple, 198 of which bear the names of successful candidates in the imperial examinations. Fourteen record meritorious deeds and events, and two are inscribed stone drums. In addition, there are 190 steles on which are carved 13 volumes of classical writings. They are known as the “stone classics of Qianlong.” Traditionally ceremonies were held at the temple three times every year to honor Confucius. Nowadays only his birthday celebration is held.


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Date: 05/23/2009

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