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Beijing Curio City 北京古玩城

Address: 21 Dongsanhuan Nanllu, Changyang District 朝阳区东三环南路21号,华威桥西北角
Transport: subway line 10 Jinsong station get off, walk to the south 1 kilometer.

South of Panjiayuan and next to the Antique City Hotel, Curio City is four floors of antiques, scrolls, ceramics, carpets and furniture. The ground floor is jade and pearls, the 2nd and 3rd floors are antiques and carpets and the 4th specialises in antique clocks and watches. Popular with tour groups, this is a good place to find knick-knacks and souvenirs but don't assume that all the antiques are the real deal.

Hongqiao Market (pearl market); Tianya Hongqiao Market and Toy Market 红桥市场;天雅红桥和玩具市场

Address: Tiantan Donglu, Chongwen District 崇文区天坛东路
Transport: subway line 5 get off at Tiantandongmen

Besides a cosmos of clutter (shoes, clothing, electronics and much more) and an impressive (and smelly) fish market in the basement, Hongqiao is home to more pearls than the South Seas. A huge range of them are available - freshwater and seawater, white pearls and black pearls - on the 3rd floor and prices vary incredibly depending on the quality.

Hongqiao is a well-established spot on the Běijīng tourist trail and so prices for all goods are generally high, while the vendors, who often speak some English, are canny bargainers. There's a decent view of the Temple of Heaven from the 5th floor, and if you have kids in tow, don't miss the Kids Toys market (Hóngqiáo Tiānlè Wánjù Shìchǎng; ; 08:30 - 19:00 ) in the building behind, stuffed to the gills with soft toys, cars, kits, electronic games, film tie-ins, models and more. Behind Hongqiao Market is a new market called : Tianya Hongqiao Market with reasonable price. we recommend you go to Tianya Hongqiao Market for shopping. Actually there are three market around.

Panjiayuan Market 潘家园市场

Address: Dongsanhuan Nanlu (Third Ring Rd), South Chaoyang.东三环南路
Transport: subway line 10 Jingsong station ge off, walk to the south 500 miles, near Beijing Curio City

Hands down the best place to shop for yishu (arts), gongyi (crafts) and guwan (antiques) in Beijing is Panjiayuan (aka the Dirt or Sunday Market). The market takes place on weekends only and has everything from calligraphy, Cultural Revolution memorabilia and cigarette-ad posters, to Buddha heads, ceramics and Tibetan carpets.

The market hosts up to 50,000 visitors a day scoping for treasures. Serious collectors are the early birds, swooping here at dawn to snare that precious relic someone will unwittingly let go for peanuts. If you want to join them, early Sunday morning is the best time. You might not find that rare Qianlong doucai stem cup or late Yuan dynasty qinghua vase that will ease you into early retirement, but what's on view is no less than a compendium of Chinese curios and an A-Z of Middle Kingdom knick-knacks. Bear in mind that this market is chaos - especially if you find crowds or hard bargaining intimidating. Also, ignore the 'don't pay more than half' rule here - some vendors might start at 10 times the real price. Make a few rounds to compare prices and weigh it all up before forking out for anything.

Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market 三里屯雅秀市场

Address: 58 Gongrentiyuchang Beilu, Cháoyáng 工人体育场北路
Transport:: subway line 2 get off at Dongsishitiao

Five floors of anything you might need and a favourite with both expats and visitors. Basement: shoes, handbags and suitcases. Big Shoes is useful for anyone struggling to house big feet. First floor: coats and jackets. Second floor: hiking gear, suits, ladies wear. Third floor: silk, clothes, carpets, fabrics and tailors to fashion your material into something wearable. Fourth floor: jewellery, souvenirs, toys and a beauty salon. Bargain hard.

Silk Street 秀水市场

Address: 14 Dongdaqiao Lu, Cháoyáng
Transport:: subway line 2 get off at Yonganli

Relocated into a four-storey building on the corner of Jianguomenwai and Dongdaqiao Lu, the Silk Street continues to thrive despite some vendors being hit by lawsuits from top name brands tired of being counterfeited so blatently. All the legal action hasn't stopped the tourists arriving en masse daily. Their presence makes effective bargaining difficult. But this is a good place for cashmere, T-shirts, jeans, sneakers and the odd, chic dress.


Daily Seat-In-Coach Tours small vehicle in good condition
 Great Wall at Badaling and Ming Tomb 200 RMB p/p.
 Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tomb 250 RMB p/p.
 Great Wall hiking tour from JingShanLing to SiMaTai 300 RMB p/p.
 Forbidden City ; Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven one day tour 300 RMB p/p.

Acrobatics Show Discount Price

 China Puppet Theatre Acrobatics Kingdom 140 RMB p/p.
 Tiandi Theatre 140 RMB p/p.
 Tianqiao Acrobatic Theatre 140 RMB p/p.
 Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic show 150 RMB p/p.

Beijing Opera Show
Discount Price
 Liyuan Theatre Opera show 140 RMB p/p.
 Huguang Guild Hall Opera show 140 RMB p/p.
 Forbidden Love Opera at Nationalities Culture Palace 140 RMB p/p.

Kungfu Show
Discount Price
 Red Theatre Legend of Kungfu 140 RMB p/p.

Private Tours private driver and tour guide
 Great Wall at Badaling and Ming Tomb one day tour.
 Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tomb one day tour.
 Great Wall from Jinshanling to Simatai hiking one day tour.
 Forbidden City; Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven one day tour.
 Mutianyu Great Wall half day tour.
 Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace one day tour.
 Hutong Tour by rickshaw.

Date: 05/20/2009

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