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Beijing¡¯s Hutong
If you want to plumb Beijing¡¯s homely interior and move beyond the must-see tourist sights and the shopping-mall glitz of town, voyage into the city¡¯s Hutong(narrow alleyways). Many of these charming alleyways have survived, crisscrossing east-west across the city and linking to create a huge enchanting warren of one-storey ramshackle dwellings and historic courtyard homes. Hutong may still be the stamping ground of a quarter of Beijing¡¯s residents but many are sadly being swept aside in Beijing¡¯s race to manufacture a modern city of white tile high-rises. Marked with white plaques historic homes are protected but for many others a way of life hangs precariously in balance.

After Genghis Khan¡¯s army reduced the city of Beijing to rubble the city was redesigned with Hutong. By the Qing dynasty there were over 2000 such passageways ridding the city leaping to around 6000 by the 1950s; now the figure has dwindled again to around 2000. Hutong land is a hotchpotch of the old and the new with Qing dynasty courtyard riddled with modern brick outhouses and socialist-era conversions and cruelly overlooked by grim apartment blocks.

Old walled courtyards(siheyuan) are the building blocks of this delightful world. Many are still lived in and hum with activity. From spring to autumn men collect outside their gates drinking beer playing chess smoking and chewing the fat. Inside trees soar aloft providing shade and a nesting ground for birds. More venerable courtyards are fronted by large thick red doors outside of which perch either a pair of Chinese lions or drum stones.(two circular stones resembling drums each on a small plinth and occasionally topped by a miniature lion or a small dragon head). Foreigners long ago cottoned on to the charm of courtyards and breached this very conservative bastion however, many have been repelled by poor heating, no hot water, no cable TV, dodgy sanitation and no place to park the SUV. Many Hutting home still lack toilets, which explains the multitude of malodorous public loops strung out along the alleyways. Other homes have been thoroughly modernized and sport varnished wood floors fully fitted kitchens a Jacuzzi and air-con.

Price: 200 RMB p/p
Departure: Daily
Duration: Approx.3 hours
Pick-up at Your Hotel
Payment Types: Cash
English tour guide

Tour Itinerary:

1. Our tour guide will pick up from your hotel at the time you appionted. the tour included one-way transport.
2. Start from the Gulou Square by old-fashioned pedicab to the picturesque Shishahai Lake area.
3. Visit the Drum Tower, where visitors will enjoy a bird's eye view of the old city, and watching the drum beating dance.
4. Through the Opium Street, Yinding Bridge. Visit the neighborhood in the rear Shishahai Lake area and walk in hutongs to drop in one or two courtyard- style homes and, if arranged, meal with a local family.

1. Please fill in the confirmation sheet and send your email to us thebeijingtour@gmail.com .You are also welcome to call us at + 86-10-13552527373.
2. We will contact you soon. We even take last minute booking if time is pressing. When your booking is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email from us, which includes the confirmed detailed itinerary with prices.
3. Our tour guide will contact to you around 10 pm to fix the departure time for next day's travel activity. If you happen to be not in your hotel room, our tour guide will leave a message for you.
4. Please pay cash to our tour guide when you are on the tour. Both RMB and hard currency are acceptable.

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Date: 05/20/2009

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