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Beijing Hu Guang Guild Hall discount ticket.

Beijing Hu Guang Guild Hall, originally built in the 12th year during the reign of Jiaqing (1807 AD), is the Guild Hall of Hunan and Hubei provinces in Beijing. In the Guild Hall there are Wenchang Pavilion, Xiangxianci, Fengyu Huairen Center, Baoshan Hall and Chuwan Hall etc. Here bears the traces of opera masters such as Tan Xinpei, Yu Shuyan and Mei Lanfang etc.

This ornately decorated building is the country's oldest wooden theatre and the best place in town for Beijing opera and other operatic schools like Kunqu. with balconies surrounding the canopied stage, this theatre dates back to 1807. the interior is magnificent, coloured in red, green and gold. there's also a small opera museum.

Today, Hu Guang Guild Hall includes performances, receiving visits, academic discussion and catering. In the hall are singing birds and fragrant flowers and pavilions properly and gracefully spaced. Wenchang Pavilion and Xiangxianci have been opened up as Exhibition Hall of Traditional Opera Museum in Beijing and also the first Traditional Opera Museum in Beijing. Every Saturday, theatergoers and Beijing opera masters shall hold here self-entertaining ¡®Accomplished Masters Concert¡¯; Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, Beifang Kunqu Opera Theater and Fenglei Beijing Opera Theater shall put on special performances so that you can taste the extensive and profound traditional culture of Beijing opera.


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RMB 180
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RMB 380

Discount Tickets
You meet our staff at the Huguang Gild Hall 40 minutes before the show to receive your tickets and be shown to your seats.
Time: Every evening at 7:30pm (the show lasts 1 hour, 30 minutes)
Address: No3, Hu Fang Road Xuan Wu District ±±¾©ÐûÎäÇø»¢·»Â·3ºÅ

Please send your email to thebeijingtour@gmail.com. You are also welcome to call us at + 86-10-135 5252 7373 .

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Date: 05/20/2009

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