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Medical services

Bijng has some of the best medical facilities and services in China. Ask your embassy for a list of English-speaking doctors and dentists, and hospitals that accept foreigners.

Bayley & Jackson Medical Center (Bl Jchn Ylo Zhngxn; 8562 9998; www.bjhealthcare.com; 7 Ritan Donglu) Full range of private medical and dental services; attractively located in courtyard near Ritan Park.

Beijing Union Medical Hospital (Bijng Xih Yyun; 6529 6114, emergencies 6529 5284; 53 Dongdan Beidajie; h24hr) Foreigners and VIP wing in the back building.

Beijing United Family Hospital (Bijng Hmji Yyun; 6433 3960, 24hr emergency hotline 6433 2345; www.unitedfamilyhospitals.com; 2 Jiangtai Lu; 24hr) Can provide alternative medical treatments along with a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient care, as well as a critical care unit. Emergency room staffed by expat physicians.

International SOS (Bijng Yzhu Guj Jnj Jiyun Ylio Zhngxn; clinic appointments 6462 9112, dental appointments 6462 0333, emergencies 6462 9100; www.internationalsos.com; Suite 105, Wing 1 Kunsha Building, 16 Xinyuanli; 9am-6pm Mon-Fri) Expensive, high-quality clinic with English-speaking staff.


Identified by green crosses, pharmacies selling Chinese (zhngyo) and Western medicine (xyo) are widespread. Some pharmacies offer 24-hour service; typically this means that you can get your medicine through a window during the night, after the pharmacy itself is officially shut.

Branches of Watsons (Qchnsh; Chaoyangmenwai Dajie 1st fl, Full Link Plaza, 19 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie; Dongchangan Jie; CC17, 19, CC21, 23, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchangan Jie) purvey some medicines, but are more geared towards selling cosmetics, sunscreens and the like.

Wangfujing Medicine Shop (Wngfjng Yyo Shngdin; 6524 0122; 267 Wangfujing Dajie; 8.30am-9pm) has a large range of both Western and Chinese medicine.


Daily Seat-In-Coach Tours small vehicle in good condition
 Great Wall at Badaling and Ming Tomb 150 RMB p/p.
 Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tomb 200 RMB p/p.
 Great Wall hiking tour from JingShanLing to SiMaTai 300 RMB p/p.
 Forbidden City ; Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven one day tour 250 RMB p/p.

Acrobatics Show Discount Price

 China Puppet Theatre Acrobatics Kingdom 60 RMB p/p.
 Tiandi Theatre 60 RMB p/p.
 Tianqiao Acrobatic Theatre 80 RMB p/p.
 Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic show 80 RMB p/p.

Beijing Opera Show
Discount Price
 Liyuan Theatre Opera show 100 RMB p/p.
 Huguang Guild Hall Opera show 100 RMB p/p.
 Forbidden Love Opera at Nationalities Culture Palace 140 RMB p/p.

Kungfu Show
Discount Price
 Red Theatre Legend of Kungfu 100 RMB p/p.

Private Tours private driver and tour guide
 Great Wall at Badaling and Ming Tomb one day tour.
 Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tomb one day tour.
 Great Wall from Jinshanling to Simatai hiking one day tour.
 Forbidden City; Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven one day tour.
 Mutianyu Great Wall half day tour.
 Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace one day tour.
 Hutong Tour by rickshaw.

Date: 05/20/2009

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