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Forbidden Love Opera at Nationalities Culture palace discount ticket

Zhang Jianfeng (Xu Xian) and Wang Yan (Lady White) were the main characters in Forbidden Love, a Tale of Classic China. Photo/China Heaven Creation

By Roslyn Morris

Executive Editor, AIPS Magazine

BEIJING, August 5, 2008 - For the uninitiated it may be surprising that China’s Peking opera is a relatively new form of entertainment.

The unique opera with its stylised action, high pitched singing, dialogue, acrobatics and dancing started evolving as recent as the late 1700’s and New Peking Opera - Forbidden Love: A Tale of Classic China more commonly known as 'Lady White Snake' the spectacular production AIPS Congress delegates were treated to as guests of the Congress Organisers in May, has been tweaked and toned down especially to cater for the large number of culture-hungry foreigners expected for the Olympic Games.

Peking Opera was performed mostly in the open air, teahouses or temple courtyards. Since the orchestra played loudly, the performers developed a piercing style of singing that could be heard by everyone. It is this shrill singing that some people cannot appreciate but which I find fascinating, especially the almost never-ending arias.

Forbidden Love is staged in the newly-completed futuristic National Centre for Performing Arts, designed by renowned French architect Paul Andreu and nicknamed “The Egg”. The production is co-produced by the Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group and China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd.

With the introduction of modern styling, dynamic stage design, lighting, and video, as well as modern choreography, spectacular acrobats and martial artists, China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts has gone to great lengths to stun and delight the audience with a visual and sensory feast.

Forbidden Love has everything to capture the imagination and attention of a modern and diverse audience – but still has all of the important elements of the traditional opera which should not be ignored, nor sanitised.

Adapted from one of China’s most popular legends Lady White Snake, the tragic tale of love, deceit, redemption and loss moved me to tears just as powerfully as did a recent production of Puccini’s La bohème at the Sydney Opera House. I always cry at the end.

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Nantionalities Culture Palace

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Time: Every evening at 7:30pm (the show lasts 1 hour, 30 minutes)
Address: Beijing Nationalities Culture palace. Subway line 1 get off at Xidan station. 民族文化宫,地铁1号线西单站西北口下车西行300米。 printable taxi instructions and map
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Date: 05/20/2009

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